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Below are the forms for custom butchering. These are printable forms to fill out. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at (785) 243-7850, or CONTACT US today!

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Custom Butchering 1

Beef - Custom Butcher Form

Sirloin Steak

T-bone Steak

Round Steak & Minute Steak

The minute steak (also called cube steak) is a thin cut from the round that has been tenderized. If you would like minute steak cuts, they are taken from the round. The remaining cuts will be Round Steaks.

Rib Steak or Ribeye


Pounds: 2

Soup Bones

Short Ribs

Stew Meat


Ground Beef

Pounds Selected: 1
Custom Butchering 2

Pork - Custom Butcher Form

Selected Value: 2